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                                         WHY SHOULD I  REGISTER MY DOG
                                    WHY SHOULD I REGISTER MY DESIGNER LITTER
1. Registering your designer dog or purebred dog is an important step in buying a puppy.   
2.Registering your designer dog or purebred dog will  provide you assurance of accurate ancestry,
3.Registering your designer dog or purebred dog is also a record of documentation which is equivalent
to a birth certificate of a child or a title to a new car.
4.By registering your designer/purebred dog your dog is recorded in our database and each dog is
issued its own identifying  registration number
5.DBR registration offers breeders and owners of designer dogs the
opportunity to record their dogs ancestry which will make it possible to access pedigrees through the
DBR for new puppy owners as well as other breeders.    
6. In the event your pet is ever lost or stolen, your registration will record proof of ownership.
7. Most animal shelters require proof of ownership to claim your pet.
8.You are starting an ancestral tree for the dogs  you will be breeding.
9.The DBR offers our members the opportunity to take the next step beyond family pet to a obedience or
conformation titled best friend.
9.The DBR also offers to members a 1 hour consultation at no charge to help with obedience and
behavioral issues along with pointers for training your next Conformation and or Obedience Champion

Registering your designer dog litter shows you are serious breeder and wish to establish your breed so
that you can start a data base which will show ancestry. As a breeder registering your designer litter also
gives you a way of following your puppy through his life a way to keep in touch. Breeders will always be
able to locate a puppy once it it registered with the DBR

  How to register your designer litter
     Please take the registration link register my litter online
                                              How to register your dog?
                      Please take the registration link Register My Dog Online above
                  Registration can also taken by phone or sent to the registry by mail
  How to register my dog without papers?
           The DBR does register dogs who do not have registration papers wheather they have been  lost,
or never received from the seller/breeder
 How can i register online, can I get assistance if I am having a problem?
Call the registry  if you need aassistance when registering online and one of our representatives will be
happy to assist you.
   Does the DBR register purebred dogs?
               The DBR registers purebred dogs

To answer all of your registration questions please take the Registration Questions above