Breed names afer slash are the official Designer Breed Registry names. if you do not see your breed listed here please take the Recognized Breeds Link above

Affenpinscher x Bichon Frise = Affenchon
Affenpinscher x Chihuahua = Affenhuahua / Affenchi
Affenpinscher x Japanese Chin = Chin-Fenpinscher
Affenpinscher x Poodle = Affenpoo / Affenpoodle
Afghan Hound x Rottweiler = Rottaf /Afweiler (see Recognized Breeds Link for more)
AiredaleTerrier x Labrador Retriever = Lab'Aire / Labaire Terrier
Airedale Terrier x Poodle = Aireoodle / Airedoodle Terrier
Airdale Terrier x Weimaraner = Weimardale  / Weimardale Terrier
Akita x Boxer = Boxita / Axer
Akita x Neapolitan Mastiff = Nekita / Neaki Mastiff Pronounced (Nee - ackee Mastiff)
Akita x Poodle = Aki-Poo
Alaskan Malamute x Great Pyrenese = Malanees / Great Malanese
Alaskan Malamute x Siberian Husky = Alusky
American Bulldog x American Pit Bull Terrier = Bullypit
American Bulldog x Boxer = Bulloxer / Bulloxer Bulldog
American Bulldog x Bull Terrier = BD Terrier
American Bulldog x Bulldog = Olde Bulldog
American Bulldog x Dogue de Bordeaux = American Bull Dogue de Bordeaux
American Bulldog x French Bulldog = American French Bulldog
American Bulldog x Jack Russel = American Bull-Jack
American Bulldog x Mastiff = American Masti-Bull
American Bulldog x Neopolitan Mastiff = American Neo Bull
American Bulldog x Pug = American Pugabull  
American Eskimo x Australian Shepherd = Australian Eskimo
American Eskimo x Basset Hound = Baskimo
American Eskimo x Beagle = American Eagle Dog / American Besk Dog
American Eskimo x Bichon Frise = Bichomo
American Eskimo x Boston Terrier = Boskimo
American Eskimo x Brussels Griffon = Eskifon
American Eskimo x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel = Cav-A-Mo / Cavaesk
American Eskimo x Cocker Spaniel = Cock-A-Mo / Eski Spaniel
American Eskimo x Coton de Tulear = Coton Eskimo / Eski de Tulear
American Eskimo x Jack Russell Terrier = Eskijack
American Eskimo x Lhasa Apso = Kimola
American Eskimo x Papillon = Papimo
American Eskimo x Pomeranian = Pomimo
American Eskimo x Poodle = Pookimo / Eskoodle
American Eskimo x Shetland Sheepdog = Eskland
American Eskimo x Shiba Inu = Imo-Inu / Eski-Inu
American Eskimo x Shih Tzu = Shih-Mo / Eski-Tzu
American Eskimo x Siberian Husky = Huskimo / Eskisibe
American Eskimo x Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier = Wheaten Eskimo /Eski Terrier
American Pit Bull Terrier x Bulldog = Old Anglican Bulldogge
American Pit Bull Terrier x Boston Terrier = American Boston Bull Terrier
American Pit Bull Terrier x Cane Corso = American Pit Corso / American Cane Terrier
American Pit Bull Terrier x French Bulldog = American French Bull Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Beagle = Raggle / Reagle Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Bichon Frise = Rashon / Rashon Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Boston Terrier = Brat / Roston Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Brussels Griffon = Rattle Griffon / Brussels Gratton Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Chihuahua = Rat-Cha / Chrat Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Dachshund = Toy Rat Doxie / Ratshuind Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Jack Russell Terrier = Jack-Rat Terrier / Ratjack Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Maltese = Ratese / Ratese Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Min Pin = American Rat Pinscher / Amrat Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Papillon = Rat-A-Pap / Amratillion Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Pekingese = Pek-A-Rat / Amratese Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Pomeranian = Pomerat / Ameratanian Terier
American Rat Terrier x Poodle = Rattle / Amrattle Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Pug = Puggat / Prat Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Shih Tzu = Ratshi Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Toy Fox Terrier = Foxy Rat Terrier
American Rat Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier = Ratshire Terrier
American Staffordshire Terrier x Bulldog = Old Anglican Bulldogge
Australian Cattle Dog x Australian Shepherd = Texas Heeler
Australian Cattle Dog x Boston Terrier = Boston Cattle Dog
Australian Cattle Dog x Cocker Spaniel = Blue Spaniel
Australian Cattle Dog x Collie = Cattle Collie Dog
Australian Cattle Dog x Welsh Corgi Cardigan= Corgi Cattle Dog
Australian Cattle Dog x Siberian Husky = Ausky
Australian Shepherd x Australian Terrier = Miniature Australian Shepterrier  
Australian Shepherd x Border Collie = Border-Aussie
Australian Shepherd x Boston Terrier = Bossie / Bossie Terrier
Australian Shepherd x Bulldog = Bull-Aussie
Australian Shepherd x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel = Aussalier
Australian Shepherd x Pembroke Welsh Corgi = Aussie-Corgi / Welsh Cattle Dog
Australian Shepherd x Golden Retriever = Australian Retriever
Australian Shepherd x Labrador Retriever  = Sheprador
Australian Shepherd x Miniature Schnauzer = Confetti Australian Shepherd / Australian Schnauzer Dog
Australian Shepherd or Mini or Toy Australian Shepehrd x Pomeranian = Aussie Pom  
Australian Shepherd x Poodle = Aussie-Poo / Australian Poodle
Australian Shepherd x Shetland Sheepdog = Shel-Aussie / Australian Sheltie Dog
Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog x Australian Cattle Dog = Stump Double Cattle Dog  / Double Cattle Dog
Australian Terrier x Jack Russell Terrier = Rustralian Terrier / Australian Russell Terrier
Australian Terrier x Miniature Australian Shepherd = Mini Australian Shepterrier
Australian Terrier x Poodle = Terri-Poo / Ausioodle Terrier
Australian Terrier x West Highland White Terrier = West Australian Terrier  
Australian Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier = Australian Yorkshire Terrier

Basset Hound x Beagle = Bagle Hound
Basset Hound x Boston Terrier = Basston
Basset Hound x Bulldog = Bully Basset
Basset Hound x Cocker Spaniel = Cocker Basset / Basco Hound
Basset Hound x Chinese Shar-Pei = Ba-Shar / Bashar Hound
Basset Hound x Dachshund = Basschshund / Bachshund
Basset Hound x Golden Retriever = Basset Retriever / Golden Basshund
Basset Hound x Lhasa Apso = Lha-Basset
Basset Hound x Miniature Schnauzer  = Bowzer  / Schanssethund
Basset Hound x Pembroke Welsh Corgi = Corgi Basset / Welsh Basset Hound
Basset Hound x Poodle = Bassetoodle / Boodlehund
Basset Hound x Pug = Bassugg / Basughund
Basset Hound x Scottish Terrier = Bascottie Hound
Basset Hound x Shih Tzu = Tzu Bassethund
Beagle x Bearded Collie = Beacol  / Bearded Beagle Hound
Beagle x Bichon Frise = Glechon / Glechonhund
Beagle x Bolognese = Beaglolo  / Belognese Hound
Beagle x Border Collie = Border Beagle
Beagle x Boston Terrier = Boglen Terrier
Beagle x Boxer = Bogle / Bexerhund
Beagle x Brussels Griffon = Bea Griffon / Beagriff Hound
Beagle x Bulldog = Beabull
Beagle x Cavalier King Charles = Beaglier
Beagle x Japanese Chin = Beagle Chin
Beagle x Chinese Shar-Pei = Sharp Eagle / Beasharpie Hound
Beagle x Cocker Spaniel = Bocker / Bockerhund
Beagle x Dachshund = Doxle / Dabeahund
Beagle x Doberman Pinscher = Beagleman
Beagle x English Toy Spaniel = English Speagle / English Beaglehund
Beagle x French Bulldog = Frengle / Frenglehund
Beagle x Golden Retriever = Beago / Beagolhund
Beagle x Jack Russell Terrier = Jack-A-Bee
Beagle x Labrador Retriever = Labbe /Labbehund
Beagle x Lhasa Apso = Be-Apso
Beagle x Maltese = Malteagle / Beamese Hound
Beagle x Min Pin = Meagle / Meaglehund
Beagle x Miniature Schnauzer = Schneagle / Beaschund
Beagle x Patterdale Terrier = Patterbea  
Beagle x Pekingese = Peagle / Beakingese  
Beagle x Pomeranian = Pomeagle
Beagle x Poodle = Poogle
Beagle x Pug = Puggle
Beagle x Scottish Terrier = Sceagle
Beagle x Shih Tzu = Bea-Tzu
Beagle x Welsh Corgie Cardigan =Welsh Beaglehund
Beagle x Welsh Corgie Pembroke = Beagi / Pembroke Beaglehund
Beagle x West Highland White Terrier = West of Argyll Terrier
Bearded Collie x Dalmatian = Bodacion
Belgian Malinois x German Shepherd Dog = German Malinois
Belgium German Shepherd
Belgium Shepherd x American Indian Dog = Native American Shepherd
Bernese Mountain Dog x Border Collie = Bordernese
Bernese Mountain Dog x Bulldog = Mountain Bulldog
Bernese Mountain Dog x German Shepherd = Euro Mountain Sheparnese
Bernese Mountain Dog x Golden Retriever = Golden Mountain Dog
Bernese Mountain Dog x Great Pyrenees = Great Bernese
Bernese Mountain Dog x Greater Swiss Mountain Dog = Swiss Bernese Mt. Dog  
Bernese Mountain Dog x Labrador Retriever = Labernese
Bernese Mountain Dog x Mastiff = Mountain Mastiff
Bernese Mountain Dog x Newfoundland = Bernefie (pronounced burn-ah-fee)
Bernese Mountain Dog x Poodle = Bernese Mountain Poo
Bernese Mountain Dog x Saint Bernard = Saint Bernese
Bichon Bolognese x Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka = Bololgnese Bolonka  
Bichon Frise x Brussels Griffon = Griffichon
Bichon Frise x Cairn Terrier = Kashon
Bichon Frise x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel = Cavachon
Bichon Frise x Chihuahua = Chi-Chon
Bichon Frise x Chinese Crested = Chinese Frise
Bichon Frise x Cocker Spaniel = Cock-A-Chon
Bichon Frise x Coton de Tulear = Biton
Bichon Frise x Dachshund = Doxie-Chon
Bichon Frise x English Toy Spaniel = Engachon
Bichon Frise x Havanese = Havachon
Bichon Frise x Italian Greyhound = Italian-Bichon
Bichon Frise x Jack Russell Terrier = Jackie-Bichon
Bichon Frise x Japanese Chin = Ja-Chon
Bichon Frise x Lhasa Apso = La-Chon
Bichon Frise x Maltese = Maltichon
Bichon Frise x Miniature Pinscher = Min Pin Frise  
Bichon Frise x Miniature Schnauzer = Chonzer
Bichon Frise x Papillon = Papichon
Bichon Frise x Pekingese = Peke-A-Chon
Bichon Frise x Pomeranian = Bichon-A-Ranian
Bichon Frise x Poodle = Poochon
Bichon Frise x Pug = Pushon
Bichon Frise x Scottish Terrier = Scotchon
Bichon Frise x Shetland Sheepdog = Shelchon
Bichon Frise x Shih Tzu = Zuchon
Bichon Frise x Silky Terrier = Silkchon
Bichon Frise x Toy Fox Terrier = Fo-Chon
Bichon Frise x Welsh Terrier = Wel-Chon
Bichon Frise x Westie = Wee-Chon
Bichon Frise x Yorkshire Terrier = Yo-Chon
Biewer x Yorkshire Terrier = Biewer Yorkie
Bloodhound x Catahoula mix = Bloodahouli  
Bloodhound x Labrador Retriever = Labloodhound
Bolognese x Chihuahua = Bolo-chi
Bolognese x Cocker Spaniel = Bologco
Bolognese x Havanese = Dualanese
Bolognese x Miniature Schnauzer = Bolonauzer  
Bolognese x Pekingese = Peke-A-Boo  
Bolognese x Poodle = Bolonoodle
Bolognese x Shih Tzu = Bolo-Tzu  
Bolognese x Silky Terrier = Bolosilk  
Border Collie x Labrador Retriever = Borador
Border Collie x Poodle = Bordoodle
Border Collie x Shetland Sheepdog =Border Sheepdog
Boston Terrier x Bichon Frise = Bostchon
Boston Terrier x Brussels Griffon = Brusston
Boston Terrier x Boxer = Miniature Boxer
Boston Terrier x Bulldog = English Boston Bulldog
Boston Terrier x Cairn Terrier = Cairoston
Boston Terrier x Chihuahua = Boston Huahua
Boston Terrier x Chinese Shar-Pei = Sharbo
Boston Terrier x Cocker Spaniel = Boston Spaniel
Boston Terrier x Dachshund = Bo-Dach
Boston Terrier x French Bulldog = Faux Frenchbo Bulldog
Boston Terriers x Italian Greyhound = Bostalian
Boston Terrier x Japanese Chin = Boston Chin
Boston Terrier x Lhasa Apso = Bosapso
Boston Terrier x Min Pin = Bospin
Boston Terrier x Miniature Schnauzer = Miniboz
Boston Terrier x Papillon = Bostillon
Boston Terrier x Patterdale Terrier = Patton Terrier
Boston Terrier x Pekingese = Bostinese
Boston Terrier x Pomeranian = Pomston
Boston Terrier x Poodle = Bossi-Poo
Boston Terrier x Pug = Buggs
Boston Terrier x Scottish Terrier = Scobo Terrier
Boston Terrier x Shiba Inu = Shibos
Boston Terrier x Shih Tzu = BoShih
Boston Terrier x Siberian Husky = Siberian Boston
Boston Terrier x Toy Fox Terrier = Foxton
Boston Terrier x West Highland White Terrier = Bostie
Boston Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier = Boston Yorkie
Boxer x American Pit Bull Terrier = Bullboxer Pit
Boxer x Bulldog = Bull-Boxer
Boxer x Dogue de Bordeaux = Dogue de Boxer  
Boxer x French Bulldog = French Bulloxer
Boxer x German Shorthaired Pointer = Boxapoint
Boxer x Labrador Retriever = Boxador
Boxer x Poodle = Boxerdoodle
Boxer / Siberian Husky = Husker  
Boxer x Soft Coated Wheaten = Soft Coated Woxer
Boxer x Treeing Walker = BT Walker
Boxer x Weimaraner = Boweimar
Brittany Spaniel x Braque du Bourbonnais = Brittany Bourbonnais
Brittany Spaniel x Labrador Retriever = Labany
Brittany Spaniel x Poodle = Brittnepoo  
Brussels Griffon x Cairn Terrier = Griffairn Terrier  
Brussels Griffon x Cavalier King Charles = Brussalier
Brussels Griffon x Chihuahua = Chussel
Brussels Griffon x Dachshund = Dach-Griffon
Brussels Griffon x English Toy Spaniel = English Toy Griffon  
Brussels Griffon x Lhasa Apso = Lhaffon
Brussels Griffon x Miniature Schnauzer = Sniffon
Brussels Griffon x Papillon = Papigriffon
Brussels Griffon x Pekingese = Griffonese
Brussels Griffon x Pomeranian = Brusselranian
Brussels Griffon x Poodle = Broodle Griffon
Brussels Griffon x Pug = Brug
Brussels Griffon x Shih Tzu = Shiffon
Brussels Griffon x West Highland White Terrier = Griffonland  
Brussels Griffon x Yorkshire Terrier = Griffonshire
Bull Terrier x Chihuahua = Bullhuahua  
Bulldog x Basset Hound = Bully Basset
Bulldog x Chihuahua = Bullhuahua  
Bulldog x Chinese Shar-Pei = Bull-Pei
Bulldog x Dachshund = Miniature English Bulldach
Bulldog x Dalmatian = Bullmatian
Bulldog x English Springer Spaniel = English Bull Springer
Bulldog x French Bulldog = Free-Lance Bulldog
Bulldog x Jack Russell Terrier = Bull Jack
Bulldog x Labrador Retriever = Bullador
Bulldog x Mastiff = Masti-Bull
Bulldog (English) x Miniature Schnauzer = Bulldog Schnauzer  
Bulldog x Neapolitan Mastiff = English Neo Bull  )
Bulldog x Olde English Bulldogge = Olde Double Bully  
Bulldog x Poodle = Boodle
Bulldog x Pug = Miniature Bulldog
Bulldog (English) x Rottweiler = English Bullweiler
Bulldog x Shih Tzu = Bully-Tzu
Bulldog x Treeing Walker = English Bull-Walker
Bullmastiff x Dogue de Bordeaux = Bully Bordeaux/ Bordeaux Mastiff
Bullmastiff x Golden Retreiver = Golden Bullmastiff Retriever  
Bullmastiff x Labrador Retriever = Bullmasador
Bullmastiff x Mastiff = Doubull-Mastiff
Bullmastiff x Neopolitan Mastiff = Neo Bullmastiff
Bullynger  recognized as an established breed

Cairn Terrier x Chihuahua = Toxirn
Cairn Terrier x Cocker Spaniel = Cairicocker  
Cairn Terrier x Dachshund = Doxie Cairn
Cairn Terrier x Havanese = Cairnese
Cairn Terrier x Jack Russell Terrier = Jacairn
Cairn Terrier x Maltese = Cairmal
Cairn Terrier x Miniature Schnauzer = Carnauzer
Cairn Terrier x Norwich Terrier = Cairwich Terrier
Cairn Terrier x Pekingese = Pekarin
Cairn Terrier x Pembroke Welsh Corgi = Cairn Corgi
Cairn Terrier x Pomeranian = Cairanian
Cairn Terrier x Poodle = Poocan
Cairn Terrier x Pug = Pugairn
Cairn Terrier x Scottish Terrier = Bushland Terrier
Cairn Terrier x Shiba Inu = Shairn-Inu  
Cairn Terrier x Shih Tzu = Care-Tzu
Cairn Terrier x Silky Terrier = Silky Cairn  
Cairn Terrier x Westie = Cairland Terrier
Cairn Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier = Carkie
Canaan Dog x Siberian Husky = Sibercaan
Cane Corso Italiano x Boxer = Cane Corxer
Canis Panther - Recognized as an established breed
Cardigan Welsh Corgi x Pembroke Welsh Corgi = Cardigan Pembroke Corgi  
Catahoula x Poodle = Pooda Houla (Photo Needed)
Cavalier King Charles x Cairn Terrier = King Cavrin
Cavalier King Charles x Chihuahua = Chilier
Cavalier King Charles x Cocker Spaniel = Cockalier
Cavalier King Charles x Coton de Tulear = Cavaton
Cavalier King Charles x English Toy Spaniel = English King
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Golden Retriever = Golden Cavalier  
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Havanese = Cavanese
Cavalier King Charles x Japanese Chin = Cava-Chin
Cavalier King Charles x Lhasa Apso = Lhasalier
Cavalier King Charles x Maltese = Cav-A-Malt
Cavalier King Charles x Miniature Schnauzer = King Schnauzer
Cavalier King Charles x Papillon = Cava-lon
Cavalier King Charles x Pekingese = Pekalier
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Pembroke Welsh Corgi = Cava-Corgi
Cavalier King Charles x Pomeranian = Cavapom
Cavalier King Charles x Poodle = Cavapoo
Cavalier King Charles x Pug = Pugalier
Cavalier King Charles x Rat Terrier = King Rat / Cavalier Rat Terrier
Cavalier King Charles x Scottish Terrier = Cavottish
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Shetland Sheepdog = Cava-Shell
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Shiba Inu = Cava Inu  
Cavalier King Charles x Shih Tzu = Cava-Tzu
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x West Highland White Terrier = Cavestie Terrier
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel x Yorkshire Terrier = King Charles Yorkie / Cavayork Terrier
Chesapeake Bay Retriever x Labrador Retriever = Chesador
Chesapeake Bay Retriever x Poodle = Chesa-Poo  
Chihuahua x Beagle = Cheagle
Chihuahua x Chinese Crested = Chi-Chi
Chihuahua x Corgi = Chigi
Chihuahua x Dachshund = Chiweenie / Chishund
Chihuahua x Dalmatian = Chimation /Chidal
Chihuahua x French Bulldog = French Bullhuahua / Frenchua
Chihuahua x Havanese = Cheenese / Chivanese
Chihuahua x Italian Greyhound = Italian Greyhuahua / Italian chihund
Chihuahua x Jack Russell Terrier = Jack Chi
Chihuahua x Japanese Chin = Chin-wa
Chihuahua x Lhasa Apso = Chi Apso
Chihuahua x Maltese = Malchi
Chihuahua x Min Pin = Chipin
Chihuahua x Miniature Schnauzer = Chizer / Miniature Chinauzer
Chihuahua x Papillon = Chion
Chihuahua x Pekingese = Cheeks
Chihuahua x Pomeranian = Chiranian
Chihuahua x Poodle = Chi-poo
Chihuahua x Pug = Chug
Chihuahua x Scottish Terrier = Scotchi /  Scochi Terrier
Chihuahua x Shiba Inu = Shiba-Chi  
Chihuahua x Shih Tzu = ShiChi
Chihuahua x Silky Terrier = Silkyhuahua / Silkychi Terrier
Chihuahua x Toy Fox Terrier = Taco Terrier / Toy Foxchi Terrier
Chihuahua x West Highland White Terrier = Chestie
Chihuahua x Yorkshire Terrier = Chorkie
Chinese Crested x Dachshund = Crestoxie / Chinese Cresthund
Chinese Crested x Havanese = Crested Havanese  
Chinese Crested x Jack Russell Terrier = China Jack / China Jack Terrier
Chinese Crested x Japanese Chin = Chin Crested  / Crested Chin
Chinese Crested x Maltese = Crested Malt / Maltese Crested
Chinese Crested x Miniature Schnauzer = Crested Schnauzer / Miniature Cresthauzer
Chinese Crested x Pomeranian = Chinaranian
Chinese Crested x Poodle = Poochis / Crested Poodle
Chinese Crested x Pug = Pugese
Chinese Crested x Yorkshire Terrier = Crustie / Yorkshire Crested Terrier
Chinese Shar-Pei x American Pitbull Terrier = Shar-Pei Pitbull Terrier /  Peibull Terrier
Chinese Shar-Pei x Boxer = Box-a-Shar / Boxshar
Chinese Shar-Pei x Cocker Spaniel = Cocker-Pei
Chinese Shar-Pei x Dalmatian = Sharmatian
Chinese Shar-Pei x French Bulldog = Frenchie-Pei
Chinese Shar-Pei x Golden Retriever = Golden Pei
Chinese Shar-Pei x Jack Russell Terrier = Rus-A-Pei
Chinese Shar-Pei x Pug = Ori-Pei
Chinese Shar-Pei x Siberian Husky = Sharberian Husky
Clumber Spaniel x English Springer = Cluminger Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel x Brussels Griffon = Cocker Griffon
Cocker Spaniel x Coton de Tulear = Cocker-Ton  
Cocker Spaniel x English Cocker Spaniel = Colonial Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel x English Toy Spaniel = English Toy Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel x Golden Retriever = Golden Cocker Retriever
Cocker Spaniel x Japanese Chin = Chin-Ocker
Cocker Spaniel x Lab = Spanador
Cocker Spaniel x Lhasa Apso = Lha-Cocker
Cocker Spaniel x Maltese = Silky Cocker / Maltese Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel x Min or Toy Australian Shepherd = Cotralian /Miniature/Toy Australian Spaniel
Cocker Spaniel x Min Pin = Cockapin
Cocker Spaniel x Min Schnauzer = Schnocker
Cocker Spaniel x Pekingese = Cockinese
Cocker Spaniel x Pomeranian = Cockeranian
Cocker Spaniel x Poodle = Cock-A-Poo
Cocker Spaniel x Pug = Cocker Pug
Cocker Spaniel x Scottish Terrier = Scottish Cocker
Cocker Spaniel x Shiba Inu = Shocker
Cocker Spaniel x Shih Tzu = Cock-A-Tzu
Cocker Spaniel x Siberian Husky = Siberian Cocker
Cocker Spaniel x Tibetan Terrier = Kobetan
Cocker Spaniel x Toy Fox Terrier = Foxker  
Cocker Spaniel x West Highland White Terrier = Cocker Westie
Cocker Spaniel x Yorkie = Corkie
Collie x Golden Retriever = Gollie
Collie x Poodle = Cadoodle
Collie x Shetland Sheepdog = Cosheltie
Coton de Tulear x Beagle = Coton-Beagle  
Coton de Tulear x Havanese = Havaton
Coton de Tulear x Lhasa Apso = Lhasa-Coton
Coton de Tulear x Maltese = Cotonese
Coton de Tulear x Miki = Coton Mi-ki / Miki de Tulear
Coton de Tulear x Norwich Terrier = Norwich de Tulear  
Coton de Tulear x Pomeranian = Pom-Coton / Pom de Tulear
Coton de Tulear x Poodle = Poo-Ton / Tulear Poodle
Coton de Tulear x Pug = Pug-Coton / Pug de Tulear
Coton de Tulear x Shih Tzu = Coton Tzu / Tulear de Tzu
Coton de Tulear x Silky Terrier = Silky Coton / Silky Tulear Terrier
Coton de Tulear x Tibetan Terrier = Tibecot  / Tinetan de Tulear
Coton de Tulear x West Highland White Terrier = Weston / West Highland Tulear
Coton de Tulear x Yorkshire Terrier = Yorkie-ton /  Tulear Terrier
Dachshund x American Eskimo = Doxiemo
Dachshund x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel = Dashalier / Cavalier Dachshund
Dachshund x French Bulldog = French Bull Weiner / French Bullhund
Dachshund x Italian Greyhound = Italian Doxie
Dachshund x Japanese Chin = Doxie-Chin
Dachshund x Lhasa Apso = Dachsi Apso  / Lahsahund
Dachshund x Maltese = Mauxie
Dachshund x Miniature Pinscher = Doxie-Pin / Pinshund
Dachshund x Miniature Schnauzer = Miniature Schnoxie /  Miniature Schnoxhund
Dachshund x Papillon = Papshund
Dachshund x Pekingese = Pekehund
Dachshund x Pembroke Welsh Corgi = Dorgi / Pembrohund
Dachshund x Pomeranian = Dameranian
Dachshund x Poodle = Doodle / Doodlehund
Dachshund x Pug = Daug / Pughund
Dachshund x Scottish Terrier = Doxie Scot
Dachshund x Shih Tzu = Schweenie / Doxie-Tzu
Dachshund x Silky Terrier = Silkshund
Dachshund x Welsh Terrier = Welshund Terrier
Dachshund x West Highland White Terrier = West Highland Doxie
Dachshund x Yorkshire Terrier = Dorkie
Dalmatian x Golden Retriever = Goldmation
Dalmatian x Labrador Retriever = Delmador
Dalmatian x Poodle = Dalmadoodle
Doberman Pinscher x English Springer Spaniel = English Springerman  
Doberman Pinscher x Old English Sheepdog = Dobsky
Doberman Pinscher x Poodle = Doodleman Pinschr / Doberdoodle
Doberman Pinscher x Rottweiler = Rotterman / Rotterman Pinscher
Doberman Pinscher x Siberian Husky = Siberian Pinscher  
Dogue de Bordeaux x Mastiff = Muscle Mastiff / Bordeaux Mastiff
Dogue de Bordeau x Neapolitan Mastiff = Ultimate Mastiff / Neo Bordeaux Mastiff
Dogue de Bordeau x Poodle = Doguedoodle / Bordeaux Poodle  

English Cocker Spaniel x Lab = Spantriever
English Pointer x Golden Retriever = American Gointer
English Shepherd x Dakota Shep Foundation = Dakota Shepherd
English Springer Spaniel x Golden Retriever = Spangold Retriever
English Springer Spaniel x Lab = Labradinger
English Springer Spaniel x Old English Sheepdog = Springer Spaniel Sheepdog  
English Springer Spaniel x Poodle = Springerdoodle
English Toy Spaniel x Havanese = Enganese (Photo Needed)
English Toy Spaniel x Japanese Chin = English Toy Chin Spaniel  
English Toy Spaniel x Lhasa Apso = Enga-Apso
English Toy Spaniel x Pekingese = English Toy Spanese  
English Toy Spaniel x Poodle = Eng-A-Poo
English Toy Spaniel x Shih Tzu = Engatzu Spaniel
French Bulldog x American Rat Terrier = French Bull Rat Terrier  
French Bulldog x Dachshund = French Bull Weiner /Frenchund
French Bulldog x Havanese = Frenchnese  
French Bulldog x Labrador Retriever = Frenchie Labrador
French Bulldog x Miniature Bull Terrier = Miniature French Bull Terrier  
French Bulldog x Miniature Pinscher = French Pin
French Bulldog x Miniature Schnauzer = Miniature French Schnauzer
French Bulldog x Pekingese = American Bullnese Hybrid
French Bulldog x Poodle = Froodle  
French Bulldog x Pug = Frenchie Pug
French Bulldog x West Highland White Terrier = French West Highlander
German Malinois/Shepinois  
German Shepherd x Australian Shepherd = German Australian Shepherd
German Shepherd x Native American Indian Dog = German Indian Dog
German Shepherd Dog x Poodle = Shepadoodle
German Shepherd Dog x Pug = Shug
German Shepherd x Shetland Sheepdog = Sheltie Shepherd
German Shepherd x Siberian Husky = Gerberian Shepsky
German Shepherd x Yorkshire Terrier = German Yorkie Shepherd  
German Shorthaired Pointer x Labrador Retriever = German Shorthaired Lab
German Shorthaired Pointer x Poodle = German Shorthaired Pointerpoodle
German Shorthaired Pointer x Weimaraner = German Shorthaired Weimaraner  
German Wirehaired Pointer x Vizsla = German Wirehaired Pointing Vizsla  
Giant Schnauzer x Irish Wolfhound = Irish Schnauzer  
Giant Schnauzer x Standard Poodle =Giant Schnoodle
Golden Retriever x German Shepherd= Golden Shepherd
Golden Retriever x Great Pyrenees = Golden Pyrenees

Golden Retriever x Irish Setter = Golden Irish
Golden Retriever x Labrador Retriever = Golden Labrador Retriever
Golden Retriever x Native American Indian Dog = Golden Indian Dog
Golden Retriever x Newfoundland = Golden Newfie
Golden Retrieverx Poodle = Goldendoodle
Golden Retriever x Siberian Husky = Goberian
Golden Retriever x Soft Coated Wheaten = Soft Coated Golden
Golden Retriever x Weimaraner = Goldmaraner
Great Dane x Great Pyrenees = Great Pyredane
Great Dane x Irish Wolfhound = Irish Dane
Great Dane x Mastiff = Daniff
Great Dane x Saint Bernard = Saint Dane
Great Dane x Weimaraner = Great Weimar
Great Pyrenees x Great Swiss Mountain Dog = Swissneese
Great Pyrenees x Poodle = Pyredoodle
Great Pyrenees x Saint Bernard = Saint Pyrenees
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog x Rottweiler = Greater Swiss Rottweiler  
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog x Saint Bernard = Swissy Saint
Havanese x Cocker Spaniel = Havaco
Havanese x Jack Russell Terrier = Hava-Jack  
Havanese x Japanese Chin = Havachin
Havanese x Lhasa Apso = Hava-Apso
Havanese x Maltese = Havamalt
Havanese x Miniature Schnauzer = Schnese
Havanese x Papillon = Havallon
Havanese x Pekingese = Havapeke
Havanese x Pomeranian = Ewokian
Havanese x Poodle = Poovanese
Havanese x Shih Tzu = Havashu
Havanese x Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier = Hava-Wheat  
Havanese x Welsh Terrier = Hava-Welsh  
Havanese x West Highland Terrier = Havanestie
Havanese x Yorkshire Terrier = Havashire
Huskita = Akita x Siberian Husky
Irish Setter x Poodle = Irish Doodle
Irish Terrier x Poodle = Irish Troodle
Irish Wolfhound x Mastiff = Irish Mastiff
Italian Greyhound x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel = Italian Cavalier Greyhound  
Italian Greyhound x Miniature Pinscher = Italian Grey Min Pin
Italian Greyhound x Papillon = Italian Papihound
Italian Greyhound x Poodle = Pootalian
Italian Greyhound x Pug = Puggit
Italian Greyhound x Shih Tzu = Italian Tzu
Italian Mastiff x Rottweiler = Italian Mastweiler
Jack Russell Terrier x Min Pin = Minnie Jack
Jack Russell Terrier x Pembroke Welsh Corgi = Cojack
Jack Russell Terrier x Pomeranian = Jack-A-Ranian
Jack Russell Terrier x Poodle = Jack-A-Poo
Jack Russell Terrier x Pug = Jug
Jack Russell Terrier x Silky Terrier = Silky Jack
Jack Russell Terrier x Toy Fox Terrier = Foxy Russell
Jack Russell Terrier x West Highland White Terrier = Jack Highland Terrier  
Jack Russell Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier = Yorkie Russell
Japanese Chin x Maltese = Jatese
Japanese Chin x Miniature Schnauzer =Mini Schnauzer Chin  
Japanese Chin x Papillon = Japillon
Japanese Chin x Pekinese = Japeke
Japanese Chin x Pomeranian = Chineranian
Japanese Chin x Poodle = Poochin
Japanese Chin x Pug = Japug
Japanese Chin x Shih Tzu = Jatzu
Japanese Chin x Silky Terrier = Silkin
Japanese Chin x Tibetan Spaniel = Tibetan Chin
Japanese Chin x Toy Fox Terrier = Jafox
Japanese Chin x Westie = Jaland
Japanese Chin x Yorkshire Terrier = Jarkie
Keeshond x Norwegian Elkhound = Elk-Kee
Kerry Blue Terrier x Miniature Schnauzer = Kerrblushcnauz  
Kerry Blue Terrier x Soft-Coated Wheaten = Kerry Wheaten
Labrador Retriever x American Bulldog = American Bullador
Labrador Retriever x Mastiff = Mastador
Labrador Retriever x Pointer = Lab-Pointer
Labrador Retriever x Poodle = Labradoodle
Labrador Retriever x Rottweiler = Labrottie
Labrador Retriever x Vizsla = Labralas
Labrador Retriever x Weimaraner = Labmaraner
Labrador Retriever x Welsh Terrier = Weltador  
Lhasa Apso x Maltese = Lhatese
Lhasa Apso x Miniature Schnauzer = Schapso
Lhasa Apso x Pekingese = Lhasanese
Lhasa Apso x Pomeranian = La Pom
Lhasa Apso x Poodle = Lhasa-Poo
Lhasa Apso x Pug = Pughasa
Lhasa Apso x Scottish Terrier = Scotti Apso
Lhasa Apso x Shih Tzu = Shih Apso
Lhasa Apso x Silky Terrier = Silky-Lhasa
Lhasa Apso x West Highland White Terrier = Westie-Laso
Lhasa Apso x Yorkshire Terrier = Yorkie-Apso
Maltese x Miniature Pinscher = Malti-Pin
Maltese x Miniature Schnauzer = Mauzer
Maltese x Norwich Terrier = Nortese
Maltese x Papillon = Papitese
Maltese x Pekingese = Peke-A-Tese
Maltese x Pomeranian = Maltipom
Maltese x Poodle = Malt-A-Poo
Maltese x Pug = Malti-pug
Maltese x Schipperke = Schipese
Maltese x Scottish Terrier = Scottese
Maltese x Shih Tzu = Mal-Shi
Maltese x Silky Terrier = Silkese
Maltese x Tibetan Spaniel = Tibetan Spaltese
Maltese x Westie = Highland Maltie
Maltese x Yorkshire Terrier = Morkie
Mastador = Mastiff and Labrador Retriever
Mastiff x Neapolitan Mastiff = Englian Mastiff
Mastiff x Poodle = Mastidoodle
Mastiff x Rottweiler = English Mastweiler
Mastiff x Saint Bernard = Saint Bermastiff
Mi-Ki x Yorkshire Terrier = Mi-orkie
Miniature Australian Shepherd x Papillon = Austi-Pap
Miniature Australian Shepherd x Pembroke Welch Corgi = Aussie-Corgi
Miniature Australian Shepherd x Shetland Sheepdog = Shel-Aussie
Miniature Australian Shepherd x Shih Tzu = Auss-Tzu
Miniature Australian Shepherd x Yorkshire Terrier = Mini Yorkshire Aussie  
Miniature Pinscher x Japanese Chin = Chin-Pin
Miniature Pinscher x Pekingese = Peke-A-Pin
Miniature Pinscher x Pomeranian = Pineranian
Miniature Pinscher x Poodle = Pinny-Poo
Miniature Pinscher x Pug = Muggin
Miniature Pinscher x Shih Tzu = Pin-Tzu
Miniature Pinscher x Silky Terrier = Silky-Pin
Miniature Pinscher x Toy Fox Terrier = Toy Fox Pinscher
Miniature Pinscher x Wire Fox Terrier = Wire Fox Pinscher
Miniature Pinscher x Yorkshire Terrier = Yorkie Pin
Miniature Schnauzer x Miniature Australian Shepherd = Miniature Schnauzzie
Miniature Schnauzer x Min Pin = Miniature Schnaupin
Miniature Schnauzer x Pekingese = Schnekingese
Miniature Schnauzer x Pembroke Welsh Corgi = Schnorgie  
Miniature Schnauzer x Pomeranian = Pom-A-Nauze
Miniature Schnauzer x Poodle = Schnoodle
Miniature Schnauzer x Pug = Schnug
Miniature Schnauzer x Shiba Inu = Schnu
Miniature Schnauzer x Shih Tzu = Schnau-Tzu
Miniature Schnauzer x Silky Terrier = Silkzer
Miniature Schnauzer x Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier = Soft Coated Wheatzer
Miniature Schnauzer x Welsh Terrier = Wowauzer
Miniature Schnauzer x Westie = Wauzer
Miniature Schnauzer x Wire Fox Terrier = Wire Hair Snauzer
Miniature Schnauzer x Yorkie = Snorkie
Native American Indian Dog x Newfoundland = Native American Newfie  
Norwich Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier = Yorwich
Olde Bulldog x Pug = Miniature Bulldog
Ori-Pei x Pug = Pug-A-Pei
Papillon x English Toy Spaniel = English Toy Papillon  
Papillon x Pekingese = Peke-A-Pap
Papillon x Pembroke Welsh Corgi = Corillon
Papillon x Pomeranian = Paperanian
Papillon x Poodle = Papi-Poo
Papillon x Russian Toy Terrier =Cherokee Monarch
Papillon x Shetland Sheepdog = Shelillon
Papillon x Shiba Inu = Papi-Inu
Papillon x Shih Tzu = Papastzu
Papillon x Tibetan Terrier = Tibepillon Terrier  
Papillon x Toy Fox Terrier = Toy Foxillon
Papillon x West Highland White Terrier = Westillon
Papillon x Yorkshire Terrier = Yorkillon
Pekingese x Italian Greyhound = Peke-Italian
Pekingese x Pomeranian = Pominese
Pekingesex Poodle = Peke-A-Poo
Pekingese x Pug = Puginese
Pekingese x Scottish Terrier = Scotinese  
Pekingese x Shetland Sheepdog = Shetinese  
Pekingese x Shih Tzu = Shinese
Pekingese x Silky Terrier = Silkinese
Pekingese x Toy Fox Terrier = Foxingese
Pekingnese x West Highland White Terrier = Peka-A-West
Pekingese x Yorkie = Yorkinese
Pembroke Welsh Corgi x Shih Tzu = Shorgi
Pomeranian x Coton de Teluar = Pom-Coton  
Pomeranian x Poodle = Pom-A-Poo
Pomeranian x Pug = Pom-A-Pug
Pomeranian x Schipperke = Schip-A-Pom
Pomeranian x Shetland Sheepdog = Poshies
Pomeranian x Shiba Inu = Pom-Shi
Pomeranian x Shih Tzu = Shiranian
Pomeranian x Silky Terrier = Pom-Silk
Pomeranian x Toy Fox Terrier = Pom Terrier
Pomeranian x West Highland White Terrier = Weeranian
Pomeranian x Yorkshire Terrier = Yoranian
Poodle x Pug = Pug-A-Poo
Poodle x Rottweiler = Rottle
Poodle x Saint Bernard = Saint Berdoodle
Poodle x Schipperke = Schipper-Poo
Poodlex Scottish Terrier = Scoodle
Poodle x Shetland Sheepdog = Sheltidoodle
Poodle x Shiba Inu = Poo-Shi
Poodlex Shih Tzu = Shih-Poo
Poodle x Silky Terrier = Poolky
Poodle x Skye Terrier = Skypoo
Poodle x Soft Coated Wheaton = Swheat-n-Poo
Poodle x Standard Schnauzer = Standard Schnoodle
Poodle x Toy Australian Shepherd = Aussie-Poo
Poodle x Toy Fox Terrier = Foodle
Poodle x Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka = Tsvetnaya Blonka-Poo (Photo Needed)
Poodle x Weimaraner = Weimardoodle
Poodle x Welsh Terrier = Woodle
Poodlex Westie = Wee-Poo
Poodle x Wire Fox Terrier = Wire-Poo
Poodlex Yorkie = Yorkie-Poo
Pug x Papillon = Pugillon  
Pug x Scottish Terrier = Pugottie
Pug x Shiba Inu mix = Pug Shiba  
Pug x Shih Tzu = Pug-Zu
Pug x Silky Terrier = Silky Pug
Pug x Toy Fox Terrier = Toy Poxer
Pug x Westie = Pugland
Pug x Yorkie = Pugshire
Rhodesian Ridgeback x Saint Bernard = Rhodesian Bernard
Rottweiler x St. Bernard = St. Weiler
Schipperke x Shih Tzu = Skip-Shzu
Scottish Terrier x Shih Tzu = Sco-Shi
Scottish Terrier x Silky Terrier = Skilky Terrier
Scottish Terrier x Skye Terrier = Scottish-Skye Terrier
Scottish Terrier x Westie = Scoland Terrier
Scottish Terrier x Wire Fox Terrier = Scottish Fox Terrier  
Scottish Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier = Scorkie
Shetland Sheepdog x Pembroke Welsh Corgi = Pembroke Sheltie
Shetland Sheepdog x Shiba Inu = Sheltie Inu
Shetland Sheepdog x Silky Terrier = Silkytie  
Shetland Sheepdog x West Highland White Terrier = Shelestie
Shetland Sheepdog x Yorkshire Terrier = Yorkelties  
Shiba Inu x Welsh Corgi mix = Shiba Corgi  
Shih Tzu x Silky Terrier = Silky Tzu
Shih Tzu x Toy Fox Terrier = Fo-Tzu
Shih Tzu x Westie = Weshi
Siberian Husky or Native American Indian Dog x Canaan Dog = Sibercaan
Siberian Husky x Native American Indian Dog = Siberian Indian Dog
Siberian Husky x Poodle = Siberpoo
Siberian Husky x Shiba Inu = Siberian Shiba
Silky Terrier x Westie = Silkland Terrier

Toy Fox Terrier x Smooth Fox Terrier = Smooth Mini Foxter  
Toy Fox Terrier x Yorkie = Torkie

Welsh Terrier x Wire Fox Terrier = Wirelsh Terrier
West Highland White Terrier x Schipperke = Westeke
West Highland White Terrier x Shih Tzu = Weshi
West Highland White Terrier x Yorkshire Terrier = Fourche Terrier
Wirehaired German Pointer = German Wirehaired Pointer x German Shorthaired Pointer
Whippet x Miniature Australian Shepherd = Miniature Ausseippet  

Yorkie x Shih Tzu = Shorkie Tzu

2015 List Of Recognized Designer Breeds