Register Your Dog Online
Thank you for choosing Designer Breed Registry, please read the following before completing your online registration.

1. If you recently purchased a puppy and you have a valid Designer Breed Registry preprinted application from the breeder/seller, then you are only a few clicks away from
registering your dog and enjoying the benefits of registering your dog with DBR..

Please use the form below to get started registering your dog. Enter the  information that can be found on your preprinted application.
Please enter the *code if your dog is on a
full registration otherwise your dog will be registered on a limited registration. If you omit the code and your breeder has sold you your dog on a full registration it will be
to make the correction


2.If your dog has registration papers from another recognized registry (AKC, UKC, CKC, Breed Registries, Bully or Bulldog Registries FCI)  if you have any questions as to
other registries take the link for recognized registries above.
3.. IAL/Indefinite Ancestry Listing is a method for dogs whose sire and dam names are not registered but  If you are registering a  dog or puppy who fits this criteria you will
still have all of the benefits offered by the Designer Breed Registry.
4. UA Unknown Ancestry Registration is a registration for dogs whose parents breed/s are not known. This registration does not register any litters from dogs of Unknown

Registration Fee for each dog is $20.00
The DBR is not responsible for owner errors when filling out this online registration a correction fee of $10.00 will apply if the registration has issued and must be re issued.  
If you have any questions please call or email the registry 732-256-9415

*Rush Service (paperwork processed within 5 business days,does not include mailing time. RUSH Registration is an additional $10.00 to the $20.00 registration fee.
Picture of your dog or a DBR Breed Specific dog on registration papers add $30.00 to the $20.00 registration fee Registry will contact you with instructions.
Please scroll down for more information on *Rush Service
Pedigree 3 gen $35.00  4 gen $40.00    5 gen $45.00 call registry to check for availability
All fees are non refundable and subject to change without notice
Name of Owner                                                            Name of  Co Owner
City                                                                       State                                                              Zip code
Email Address                                                                                     Phone  
Name of Dog                                                                           Date of Birth                                        Sex
Breed of Dog                                                                                         Color
Sire's Name                                                                        Registration # and Registry Abbreviation ie AKC
Dam's Name                                                                      Registration # and  Registry Abbreviation ie AKC          
Breeder's Name                                                                  Micro Chip or Tatoo #                                         * Code For Full Registration  for DBR registered litters only
Optional - Rush Registration add $10.00              Optional -  Add $30.00 for your dogs picture or breed representative                                                    Enter promo code below
Credit/Debit Card #                                                                                                      Exp Date                        CVC Code
Name of Cardholder if Different Than Owner                                                                 Billing Address if different than above
Email for Paypal Invoicing                                                                                                          

Optional Services  

Rush Service (paperwork processed within 5 business days/does not include mailing time) $10.00* If adding a Pedigree add $15.00

Expedited Service (paperwork received by within 5 business days/available in the Continental US only. $35.00**

* Rush Processing guarantees your application will be processed to the fullest extent possible within five (full) working days of DBR receiving the work.
To get Rush Processing on your order, please check the appropriate box.

Applications received by DBR with insufficient payment or information will be entered and recorded within 5 business days; however, these applications
will then be placed "On Hold" and a notice will be mailed or emailed to the applicant specifying how to complete the registration. The Rush Service will be
honored once the problem is resolved. The Rush fee will not be refunded for applications received with incomplete information or if the application is
delayed for reasons beyond the control of the DBR.

**Expedited Shipping Service puts completed registration paperwork back in customers’ hands within five business days of receipt , complete with a
tracking number during transit.

Expedited Service requires paperwork to be submitted with a valid email address and “Expedited Service box checked. The five-day turnaround is
contingent upon all information contained in the paperwork being correct. Any issues with the paperwork, such as missing or incorrect information, will
cause a delay in this process. If issues arise, the customer will be contacted via email. Upon resolving the issue(s), the paperwork will be sent back via
the Expedited Service, if so requested. DBR is not responsible for increased processing time due to application errors.