Designer Breed Registry
"providing the dog world with dog information and dog news"
                                                        Mission Statement
The  foundation  which will carry the Designer Dog
Breeds within into the future and provide,a valuable
history of the past.
A registry that  is a stepping stone  to knowledge.
A registry that provides dog registrations for all dogs.

It is the Designer Breed Registry's  mission:

* To maintain a registry for the designer dog and
maintain the integrity of that registry.

* Provide educational dog information.

*Create  a breeder/owner friendly atmosphere within
our registry and our  future shows.

* Encourage all dog owners of all breeds and unknown
origin to have a safe environment for their dog.

* Promote responsible ownership.

* Promote canine health and well being

*Provide the dog world with dog information and dog

* Provide dog registrations for designer dogs as well as
purebred dogs and dogs of unknown origin  and
encourage breeders and owners to further their dogs
education  and ultimately gain titles offered by the
Designer Breed Registry