Code of Ethics

Designer Breed Registry is dedicated to the breeder/owner and promotes the dog fancy and its constant
evolution. The DBR also promotes each individuals right to create new and exciting breeds as well as
maintaining the highest standards in todays recognized and "established" breeds. The Designer Breed Registry
belives that
fair dog legislation is for the benefit of all dogs but  should respect the breeder/owner rights . The
DBR promotes ethical practices in breeders and acknowledges that health testing the parents does not
guarantee genetically sound progeny. The Designer Breed Registry is adament in it's stand against cruelty ro
any animal in any form.

Mission Statement
The Designer Breed  Registry is:
The  foundation  which will carry the Designer Dog Breeds into the future and provide,a valuable
history of the past. The Designer Breed registry is a registry that  is a stepping stone  to dog  knowledge.
It is the Designer Breed Registry's  mission:
* To maintain a registry for the designer dog and maintain the integrity of that registry.
* Provide educational dog information.
*Create  a breeder/owner friendly atmosphere within our registry and our  future shows.
* Encourage all dog owners of all breeds and unknown origin to have a safe environment for their dog.
* Promote responsible ownership.
* Promote canine health and well being
*Provide the dog world with dog information and dog news.
* Provide dog registrations for designer dogs as well as purebred dogs and dogs of unknown origin  
and encourage breeders and owners to further their dogs education  and ultimately gain titles offered by
the Designer Breed Registry



Designer Breed Registry (here after known as DBR)  is a registry service providing registration papers which  
identifies the dog as the  breed offspring of a sire and dam, the gender, date of birth. as stated by the
breeder/seller on their application for registration or litter registration for purposes of registration with the DBR.
Any claim or disagreement that arises as far as breed or parentage from that application or registration the DBR is
not responsible nor shall the DBR be held responsible by either breeder. seller or owner.
The DBR is not responsible for  breed information or guarantees given by breeder/sellers  as far as health or quality
of the dog.  
The DBR is not affiliated with and does not license or endorse any breeders, brokers or pet dealers who may sell
dogs that are registered or can be registered with DBR including those listed on this site, the  DBR has no control
over their business
practices and is not liable for the any dealings between any breeders, brokers, or pet dealers and their purchasers.
Checks or MO made payable to the Designer Breed Registry.
To register your dog or litter please take the links provided on top of  this page.
                        CODE OF ETHICS MISSION STATEMENT