Breeders Blue Ribbon Program   
To be eligible for this program  individuals must have a 3 generation pedigree from each parent or be eligible for registration  with AKC, UKC, FCI and
other recognized registries. Perssonal breeding records are accepted. To apply for Blue Ribbon Program please fill out the form below and be prepared
to email or mail all necessary pedigrees to the registry. Breeders who are registering 3rd generation Designer Dogs and litters must also provide
documentation of their breeding with pedigrees. All current breeding dogs must also be registered with the Designer Breed Registry   
Your information on each puppy's individual registration papers will note that you the breeder are enrolled in the Blue Ribbon Program.
The DBR realizes that at times when developing a breed the breeder might have to infuse back into the breeding one of
the original breeds used or another or third breed, the DBR absolutely REQUIRES that, that individual be registered with
the DBR and MUST be micro chipped BEFORE the breeding takes place.

Breeders Elite Program:
To be eligible for the Elite Program individuals must have the following:
Dogs being used for breeding must be registered with the Designer Breed Registry
DNA profile and or micro chip or tatoo on file with the DBR.
All breeders wishing to be enrolled in the Elite Program must  have the one or more of the following ;
Information on all (Sires & Dams) or pedigrees from other registries that are accepted or your own records containing generations 1 thru 4  
those records must be made available to the registry.  
A DNA profile on frequently used sires in their breeding program. Three litters constitute a frequently used sire
A DNA profile is suggested  but not required for all females/bithes being used in  the breeding program
If the females/bitches are not DNA profiled they
must be micro chipped
Litter registrations will have the information as to the DNA and or Micro Chip information of the sire and dam.
  • Elite Registration Status - perdog- $75.00
  • Blue Ribbon Program, there will be a one time $125.00 administrative fee.
  • Elite Program ,  there will be a one time $165.00 administrative fee
All litter Registrations and individual registrations will show either Blue Ribbon or Elite Status

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located on the front of the card   
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